Elvis Research

Visit: **www.cherrylane.com/elvis**

Listen to three songs by Elvis as you read the lyrics.

Go to: www.elvis.com

View short footage of a Graceland Tour
(hit Graceland tours and go to the bottom of the next page for a short virtual tour of Graceland)

To to "Discover Elvis" and then biography to find the following:
Research 5 questions and be prepared to discuss
your information in our next class period.
  1. Five facts about Elvis

2. Three of Elvis’s achievements

3. Find and write three of your favorite quotes about or by Elvis

4. Describe the basic idea behind one of Elvis’s special writings

5. Find and write a little about two friends or family members of Elvis.

6. Describe the status of Elvis’s financial empire (see EPE)

7. Discover the answers to eight frequently asked questions about Elvis.

8. How will Elvis be in concert in 2010?

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Elvis Impersonator